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Register your Pets

The Safety and Security Committee requests that all community pets be registered in order to aid in their identification and to have easy access to owner notification details.
Register your Pet
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Details and Features of this Website

Learn about Valley Connections by exploring it!
Here's some information which may help you understand it's structure and features. 

 Web Site Structure
Home Page: The central entry point to the site offering convenient access to all information. All features of the site branch from this page. 
Navigation Bar: The horizontal bar across the top of the page which presents features or menus leading to information. 
Feature Boxes: Blue horizontal boxes found on the right side of a page which provides quick access to related information.
Links: Found throughout the site, Links, (underlined text) connect you to related information, forms, email addresses, web sites or other actions. 
Search: Use key words into the Search Box at the upper right corner of the Home Page to find a specific  topic you're interested in.

Web Site Features (April 2020)
Message Board: Communicate with the community or specific interest groups
Directories: Search for Members and Pets
Calendar: Valley POA/member specific events
Groups: Learn about the Member sponsored activities inside and beyond the Community
Active & Athletic
Photo Albums: Community events captured in photos
Document Library: Board, Committee and commonly reference documents for members 
About Town: Links to the nearby city and town events calendars
Travelers Rest
Help: Learn more on how to use this site 
Contact Us: Communicate to Board or Committees

Valley Connections Website Guidelines

Valley Connections, is a the community website, sponsored by The Valley Property Owners Association.
Our goal is the positive connection of members to the community by means of shared information and activities. We actively encourage your participation as interested Valley POA members and require that you, its' users, respect the following usage guidelines.
These Guidelines apply to Website usage and any Website Pages, Emails and Message Board Postings which are initiated from or presented on Valley Connections.
You are responsible for: 
  • the confidentiality of your password.
  • all activities that occur under your login.
  • notifying the Web Administrator of unrecognized/unauthorized account usage.
We require that all members be treated with respect and consideration. 
Do Not:
  • attack, threaten, or make fun of individuals or groups in any way.
  • use potentially objectionable or foul language.
  • post links to potentially offensive external sites.
  • post any third-party material without the owner’s written
    permission to do so. This includes all photographs, videos,
    music, literature in any form and any trademarked material.
  • use the website for advertising or professional promotion.
  • post political comments.
  • engage in religious proselytizing.
  • post personal information, either your own, or that of someone who is ill or passed away
  • forward electronic links which may contain viruses, contain scam warnings, including any for which you do not know the original source. 
  • repeatedly solicit for commercial or charitable causes.
  • Be aware that your opinions concerning politics, religion, or other topics may be deemed offensive or sensitive to others.
  • Make your point; but refrain from prolonged discussions, comments and rants on any topics.
  • Offer recommendations on restaurant, business, or services you have found.
  • Post items for sale (single occurrence only)
  • Post rental property or Business related information (twice/yr).
  • Post Merchandising Parties (twice/yr).
  • Post Charity Fundraising (once/yr) (Note: Postings for Glassy Mountain Fire Foundation and Cliffs Residents Outreach (CRO) do not have a specified limit).
  • Post Vendor Recommendations to the the appropriate Message Board category.
Valley Connections Web Site Administrators retain the right to:
  • edit or delete any inappropriate material without having to notify you or ask your permission.
  • deactivate your password and login capabilities for failure to follow the stated guidelines.
  • take legal action against anyone who attempts to enter this site to
    harvest e-mail addresses and/or other information about our members, affiliates or visitors.
*You agree to hold and save the Cliffs Valley POA harmless from and against any and all claims arising out of any content you or others using your password and account post or transmit on or through the website. Further you agree to indemnify the Cliffs Valley POA against any such claims and will be responsible for any attorneys’ fees incurred by the POA as a result.