Valley Main Entrance has been reopened and the replacement of the deteriorated culvert 
under Knightsridge Road has been completed.
Look here for more photos of the completed project.
Several people have asked “How did you finish a three month job in three weeks?”
You have heard it before but our Committee Chairs, Bob Pinson and Bill Mitchell did a great job of planning and implementing all aspects of the project. Our Board Liaisons, Pattiann Short and Stuart Safft helped fast-track the approvals needed to get work started on the road and Security moved to the Terry Creek gate. Greenville Water and Spectrum Cable were quick to relocate their lines. We jointly decided to avoid a delay by working around the AT&T phone lines. The contractor pre-ordered the new culvert sections, which were ready to be installed as soon as the hole was dug and the old culvert removed. There was less subterranean erosion than we had feared. And finally, the weather cooperated.
As you can see, the road is now gravel covered. It won’t be paved until the engineers are satisfied that all of the fill has been compacted and the road paved without fear of additional settling. That will probably take about two months. Now that I think about it, one month for all of the construction plus two months to settle equals three months. Clearly, our initial estimate was right on the money!
 Lou Lipomi, President
COVID 19 Updates 
Your Board of Directors remind you, that keeping the Valley safe requires each of us to act responsibly to address the risks of COVID-19. 
Social distancing, washing your hands frequently, and wearing masks are our best defense. 
Please keep in mind that the more we go outside our community, the more we risk bringing the virus home with us. 
                               POA BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Lou Lipomi, President  Jill Kelly, Director
Pattiann Short, Vice President Paula Russell, Director
Bob Mangone, Treasurer  Stuart Safft, Director
Laura Wilson, Secretary  
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All Emergencies:  Call 911 First!
If using a CELL PHONE, you must identify the street address, Cliffs Valley and the county, either Greenville or Henderson.  
Security - Main Gatehouse          
Office (864) 836-4411
Non-Emergency EMail Contact:
Greenville County Dispatch (Police, Fire, Rescue, Sheriff)
Blue Ridge Electric (800) 240-3400
Duke Power (864) 242-3261
Glassy Mountain or Green River  Fire Departments
Greenville Water (864) 241-6000
Blue Ridge Water (864) 895-1719
Association Manager:
Taylor Davis, NHE (864) 467-1600