From the CVCA Board of Directors
 Community Forum Event ... POSTPONED
New date will be scheduled soon
Review Amended Covenants 
A Community Forum will scheduled soon to discuss the proposed changes to the governing documents.  
During this forum, the CVCA Board will address questions and comments from all property owners. Please continue to forward any questions and/or comments after your review of the documents, to the CVCA Board at, so that we can address them at this meeting.

These changes will require 67% of our membership to approve them. 
Voting will be complete in June. We will also discuss the voting process during the forum. 
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Communications Committee
Home Page Photo Request!
Do you have Spring photos which capture the beauty of our community?
Want to share them on Valley Connections? 
Send them to this email address or add them to this Photo Album  
Landscape Committee 
Garden Planning Information you can use!
Learn More about
Invasive Species & Encouraging Birds
in your garden this Spring.
Check the Q&A section of the Landscape Committee found here!
Safety & Security Committee
The barrier arm at the Terry Creek entrance will be activated the first week in May.  After activation of the barrier arm the entry sequence will be as described below.  
Entry Process with Barrier Arm
The entry process will be as follows:
  • System Reads your RFID tag and opens the Swing Gate 
  • With the Swing Gate fully open the Barrier Arm opens (swings up)
  • The entering vehicle passes the Barrier Arm
  • When the entering vehicle is past the Barrier Arm the Barrier Arm closes
  • Multiple vehicle is in line at the entry gate?  The system reads the next vehicles RFID tag and opens the the barrier gate.The Barrier Arm closes after each vehicle clears the barrier gate.
Important Notes: 
If the Swing Gate is active it starts to close shortly after the entering vehicle passes the Swing Gate 
If another car with an RFID tag approaches the entrance and the Swing Gate is not fully open, the Swing Gate must fully open and at that point the entry process starts over at step 2. 
To assist in the prevention of tailgating move slowly as you pass the barrier arm.
Please observe the posted warning to not tailgate. Tailgating may cause damage to your car. Unless the damage is the result of a gate-system malfunction, you will be liable for damage to your car and for any damage caused to the gate access system.
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Valley Covenants & Policies
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RFID Security Gate Access
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Cliffs sites serve as your access to activities sponsored as part of your Cliffs Living membership. Go here to schedule dining, sporting or other Club sponsored activities.
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Emergency Contacts
All Emergencies:  Call 911 First!
If using a CELL PHONE, you must identify the street address, Cliffs Valley and the county, either Greenville or Henderson.  
Security - Main Gatehouse          
Office (864) 836-4411
Non-Emergency EMail Contact:
Greenville County Dispatch (Police, Fire, Rescue, Sheriff)
Blue Ridge Electric (800) 240-3400
Duke Power (864) 242-3261
Glassy Mountain or Green River  Fire Departments
Greenville Water (864) 241-6000
Blue Ridge Water (864) 895-1719
NHE Association Manager:
Jennifer Shy  (864) 438-5094