Community Update
Many of you are familiar with the ARB process when you built your home but here is some additional information that you may not be aware of.
Did you know that the ARB has all the house plans which have been submitted for review? If you have misplaced your architectural plans and should you need to find the exact paint color used on your house or some other building detail - just contact the ARB.  We also have your original landscape plans as well.  For those of you that have bought a resale home, this information may come in handy if you were not given these documents at closing.
Just as a reminder, if you are doing any changes to the exterior of your home, changing colors, enclosing a screened in porch, major landscape changes, or changing a driveway from concrete or asphalt to pavers you need to contact the ARB for approval.  
Trees (5 inches in diameter or more than 2 feet above ground), native deciduous flowering trees or shrubs (like Mountain Laurel) and evergreens enhance the beauty of our community and are protected under our ARB policies. Any removal of these materials including trees located in proximity to your home (within 20 feet of your building) require approval of the ARB. When exceptions like damage or if an emergency arises requiring removal, notify the ARB after the event.
If you need more information, review the document Policies and Procedures - Living in the Valley and/or other ARB requirements and forms. Additionally if you need any assistance, please feel free to contact any member of the ARB directly or by using this link.
COVID 19 Updates 
Your Board of Directors remind you, that keeping the Valley safe requires each of us to act responsibly to address the risks of COVID-19. 
Social distancing, washing your hands frequently, and wearing masks are our best defense.  Please keep in mind that the more we go outside our community, the more we risk bringing the virus home with us. 
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Emergency & Security Contacts
All Emergencies:  Call 911 First!
If using a CELL PHONE, you must identify the street address, Cliffs Valley and the county, either Greenville or Henderson.  
Security - Main Gatehouse          
Office (864) 836-4411
Non-Emergency EMail Contact:
Greenville County Dispatch (Police, Fire, Rescue, Sheriff)
Blue Ridge Electric (800) 240-3400
Duke Power (864) 242-3261
Glassy Mountain or Green River  Fire Departments
Greenville Water (864) 241-6000
Blue Ridge Water (864) 895-1719
Association Manager:
Taylor Davis, NHE (864) 467-1600