Community Update Report: Nature Park Plans
The Nature Park is a work in process!  If you visited the Nature Park across the street from the Stone House in the past couple of months you will have noticed the crushed gravel paths that were installed.  In the past, the paths were covered with mulch which tended to wash away in heavy rains and deteriorate in the winter.  The crushed gravel has made the trails easier and safer to navigate.  In addition, perennial ground covers have been planted in some of the bermed areas along the path.  Recently, irrigation ditches were installed to mitigate the soggy ground created by a natural spring which will allow the new shrubs, bulbs and perennials to flourish in an area formerly overtaken by weeds.  A new swing, constructed this summer, allows residents a perch from which to take in the beauty of the park.
Future plans include additional plantings along the pathways, more widespread mulching, tree trimming and correction of erosion by the creek bridges.  In addition, once the ground dries out in the soggy area, weeds will be eliminated and mulch will be spread around the new shrubs.   We invite you, your guests and family members to enjoy the fields, trails and streams at the Nature Park.
COVID 19 Updates 
Your Board of Directors remind you, that keeping the Valley safe requires each of us to act responsibly to address the risks of COVID-19. 
Social distancing, washing your hands frequently, and wearing masks are our best defense. 
Please keep in mind that the more we go outside our community, the more we risk bringing the virus home with us. 
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Laura Wilson, Secretary  
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