Board of Directors On-line Voting is Now Open
Printed ballots were recently mailed to all property owners home address on record with NHE.  If you prefer you can place your vote by voting on-line on Valley Connections using this link.  If you decide to mail in a printed ballot, DO NOT complete an on-line ballot.  If both are received, they will both be considered invalid.  Please remember that only one person per household is allowed to vote.  An email was recently sent to that designated person with a list of all the properties that they own.  If that designated person would prefer to have their spouse vote they can submit an email request to and get the designation changed.
Board of Directors Elections
The Nominating Committee recently held a "Meet the Candidates" meeting.  Each candidate (or designated surrogate) made a brief presentation about their background and qualifications.
  • Each lot is eligible to cast a vote for two of the six candidates on the ballot. 
  • There are three openings on the board for 2024 but one of them is due to the resignation of a board member early in 2023. The covenants allow the board to appoint a replacement or leave the vacancy open, but do not allow for a owner vote to fill the vacancy.  However, the board intends to use the results of the vote to guide its decision in appointing a replacement for the open position.
  • If you own multiple lots, you are eligible to vote for each of your lots.  You may do this using one ballot for all lots.  You will list each lot number on the written ballot or electronic ballot on Valley Connections. 
  • Remember to complete one ballot either by electronic ballot on Valley Connections or by written ballot.  Completing both an online ballot and a written ballot will cancel your ballot submissions.
The nominees (with bios) are pictured below:
Final election results will be announced at the CVCA annual meeting tentatively scheduled for January 17, 2024.
CVCA Town Hall Meeting
The Board held a CVCA Town Hall meeting on November 8 and made a presentation to all participants which can be found here.  The Board would like to thank everyone that attended the meeting for their participation.
Questions? Contact NHE
by email:
by phone: 864-438-5094
All Committee related inquiries should be directed to NHE.         
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All Emergencies:  Call 911 First!
If using a CELL PHONE, you must identify the street address, Cliffs Valley and the county, either Greenville or Henderson.  
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NHE Association Manager:
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