Upcoming Town Hall Meeting
The second quarter CVCA Town Hall is scheduled for Wednesday, July 24th at 4:00 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Valley Clubhouse in the Ballroom. In preparation for the meeting please submit your questions in advance by end of business day Monday, July 22, 2024, to jshy@nhe-inc.com for the Board of Directors. 
Safety & Security Dialogue Sessions
The Safety and Security Committee is inviting the CVCA membership to a series of community “Dialogue” sessions to share information and discuss issues currently being considered by the Board of Directors. One of the main purposes of these dialogue sessions is to receive feedback and gather input from the community regarding these and any matters within the purview of the Safety & Security Committee. These meetings will include a short presentation but are primarily designed to be a dialogue with the community. The Committee has currently planned four (4) sessions and will add additional sessions as demand dictates. Each member’s participation will be limited to one session and members must register in advance using the Valley Connections Calendar for a specific session.
** Additional Dialogue Session Added** 
Added a 5th Dialogue Session for August 8th, 4 - 5pm.  Use the RSVP links on the Valley Connections Calendar to register.
Update on RFID Gate Access Database
Our RFID Database Upgrade continues to proceed, we are approximately 80% complete.  Please note that all vehicle and RFID information should have been in your Valley Connections profile by Sunday, July 14th.
If you have questions or problems completing the information and/or reading your RFID tag, click the link below to request help.  Please do not go to the Gatehouse for this assistance.
In an effort to assist those who have not yet completed updating their Vehicle & RFID information, the following are answers to some of the questions received;
  • The RFID tag serial number is a 5 digit number in the range from "13500" to "18500".  It is NOT "304_2" as that is the part number of the tag and is listed on all of our RFID tags.
  • For a single household (address), Vehicles that are jointly registered, only need to be entered into one user profile. Meaning that if a vehicle is registered in both spouses names, the vehicle & RFID information only needs to be listed in one of the owners Valley Connections (VC) profiles, not both.
  • Each VC profile has space for four (4) vehicles. Thus a property with 2 owners has space to register up to eight (8) vehicles.
  • The vehicle license plate information should not include the state abbreviation, only the characters on the plate, with no spaces.
  • Legacy members should have their own profile in Valley Connections, with their vehicle and RFID information listed in their own profile, not in the profile of the property owner.  If you have not yet set up a profile for your Legacy member, you can contact the Communications Committee for instructions. 
Questions? Contact NHE
by email: jshy@nhe-inc.com
by phone: 864-438-5094
All Committee related inquiries should be directed to NHE.         
RFID Gate Access Request
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New Neighbors
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This Month's Birthdays
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Board & Committee Email Archives
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Cliffs Member Website Links
What's the difference between Valley Connections and the Cliffs Websites? Learn about where you find more community information here!
Cliffs sites serve as your access to activities sponsored as part of your Cliffs Living membership. Go here to schedule dining, sporting or other Club sponsored activities.
Cliffs Community
Wellness Programs
Publications & Directory
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Emergency Contacts
All Emergencies:  Call 911 First!
If using a CELL PHONE, you must identify the street address, Cliffs Valley and the county, either Greenville or Henderson.  
Security - Main Gatehouse          
Office (864) 836-4411
Non-Emergency EMail Contact: cliffsvalleysecurity@gmail.com
Greenville County Dispatch (Police, Fire, Rescue, Sheriff)
Blue Ridge Electric (800) 240-3400
Duke Power (864) 242-3261
Glassy Mountain or Green River  Fire Departments
Greenville Water (864) 241-6000
Blue Ridge Water (864) 895-1719
NHE Association Manager:
Jennifer Shy  (864) 438-5094
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