Board Insights
From the April POA Board Meeting
Committee Updates
Safety & Security
Bob Otto kicked us off with a report from his traffic and pedestrian safety subcommittee. The board has requested that Bob’s team put together a residents’ education program so that all interested parties can be brought up to speed (no pun intended!) on the research that’s been done and potential ways to address concerns.
Carla Iwanowski has been leading a subcommittee of the finance team to address delinquent POA dues accounts. The subcommittee has recommended new policies and procedures which now have board approval. A collections firm has been engaged to deal with delinquent accounts and a test group will be receiving notices within the next few weeks. A related aspect is that we will moving the dues collection date to better align with community cash flow needs. Bills will go out in October with a November 30 due date.
Other Topics
BMW Tournament Planning
The BMW Pro-Am tournament will once again include play at the Valley running from June 7 – 11, 5am to 9pm. Setup will begin the week of May 31 and breakdown will occur the week of June 14. Terry Creek Park will once again be used for parking, so its use by dogs will be restricted. We will provide further details as the time approaches.
Property Sale
Still no news on the 40 acres parcel. Without jinxing the situation, it seems to have fallen into the pattern we’ve seen in the past – it heats up about every four years and then cools down, presumably when buyers discover the exorbitant cost to develop the property. Red Oak Developers has submitted an architect’s rendering of what homes on the 8-acre parcel might look like. The ARB’s Julie Taylor has responded with comments. A town hall meeting will be scheduled (perhaps in May) to present the concept and drawing to Valley owners, and at a later date you will be asked to vote on annexation.
Covenants and Bylaws Revisions
Community members, Mike DeCarlo, Burv Pugh and Joe Ippolito have worked on a review of our covenants and bylaws. The next step in the process of getting a new and improved version is for their suggestions to undergo legal review. That process has been initiated. Those changes would also need to be voted upon, most likely in conjunction with the candidate selection process this fall.
Board Transitions
Pattiann Short, the current POA Board President, has announced that she will be resigning from the board as she and her husband will be relocating. That creates a mid-year director position vacancy. Under our POA Covenants, the Board is able to appoint an interim Director to fill the vacated position for the remainder of the year. Announcements about the new Director position and 2021 Officer roles will be posted as soon as the transition has been completed.
Many thanks to Pattiann for all of her community service and best of luck to her and Rick in their new adventures.
Your 2021 POA Board
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