2021 POA Board Candidate Slate
The time to vote for new Valley POA Board Directors is fast approaching. Lou Lipomi and Laura Wilson will be completing their POA Board terms this year, so we have two spots to fill for 2021.  Because we’ve had to replace our traditional Meet the Candidates Night, we are focusing on email and Valley Connections as the tools to introduce you to this year’s slate.   
Take some time to familiarize yourself with the information provided here and think about what more you’d like to know about each candidate.
Each candidate will be preparing a video to tell you a bit more about themselves and to answer your submitted questions. Those videos will be posted on this site November 4.   
Voting will begin in early December, and the results will be announced at the January 20 annual meeting.
~~~~~2021 POA Board Candidates~~~~~
Michael Balchunas 
Michael Balchunas
Mike’s a sixteen-year resident who has sat on many POA Board committees as well as the Board itself, and he’s ready for more!  Mike and his wife Vickie are active Valley members and Mike feels his community longevity along with the knowledge gained throughout his executive career will once again serve him well as a Board Director.
Susan M. Berget
Susan M. Berget
Dr. Berget thrives on getting involved.  Sue has a PhD in Biochemistry and as a university administrator, chairman and dean has vast experience in the workings, finances and sociology of an institution with multiple stakeholders.  Her outside-the-gates activities during her five years in the Valley has centered around teaching science throughout Greenville County with the STEAM TECH TEAMS, while inside our gates she has been a member of the ARB for several years.
Tom Fisher
Tom Fisher
Tom and Lisa Fisher have been Valley residents since 2008, full time since 2018.  They both work tirelessly to help beautify our community, Tom as an adjunct landscape committee member through Lisa’s direction.  Tom has served on several not-for-profit (NFP) boards and currently sits on the executive committee of a Memphis Heath NPF.  Tom has background as a CPA, a Wall Street Bank analyst and a partner in his own regional accounting firm with a national practice, and believes his common sense, fiscally disciplined approach will serve our board well.  
Jerry Skiver
Jerry Skiver
Jerry and Roe moved to the Valley in 2018, and no grass has grown under their feet!  Jerry currently serves on the Infrastructure Committee, and Rosemary has her hands in many Valley social activities.  Jerry has military background as well as executive leadership in engineering, strategic international business development and program management, all of which he feels will enable him to contribute to the POA Board.
Barbara Wielicki
Barbara Wielicki
The Valley welcomed Barb and Bruce Wielicki two-and-a-half years ago, while both were still gainfully employed.  Barb fully retired in March and having served on the board of her former community readily accepted the call to run for a seat on our board.  Barb’s background also includes a position on the POA board of an Anheuser-Busch -developed gated community in Virginia.  During Barb’s career as a human resources exec she honed her ability to listen and help reach consensus, a characteristic she feels will be beneficial to the Valley POA Board.
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Social distancing, washing your hands frequently, and wearing masks are our best defense.  Please keep in mind that the more we go outside our community, the more we risk bringing the virus home with us. 
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